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Hurricane Earl, Not As Expected

Yesterday we had what what supposed to be a fearsome hurricane. At least, it was made to sound that way. Even for a bit during Earl itself, we were told to brace for the worst.

While true, I’m happy it was dramatically downgraded, at the same time right up to it hitting the local weatherman made it sound fierce and horrifying.

Like this (artist rendition):

doomclouds copy

Instead, we wound up with something much more like this:

Happystorm copy

In the interest of honesty, those were supposed to be actual photographs. I lost the steam about the same time I realized that it wasn’t going to be nearly as scary as they were making it sound.

I was planning on doing something showing the beginning through the end in photos. This whole post was going to be a frightening look at the category 4 hurricane as it swept through my area. It was going to have drama (!), excitement (!), and invoke some awe for mother nature(!).

When I realized those pictures would have been rather boring (really, who wants to see a ton of photos of a slight drizzle? So, instead, I decided to Photoshop up those two images above so I’d at least have some visuals for you (shameful, I’m aware).

While yes, again I’m happy there isn’t anything in the way of power outages and destruction. I’m admittedly a bit bummed that there aren’t any awe inspiring photos. That is more so the artist in me talking however, and that part isn’t usually the most logical.

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