Kiddo’s Growing Up


Kiddo and I visited my mom’s work the other day. She may potentially be going there for a few hours soon, so it was a good chance for her to test the waters.

I’ve mentioned before that my mom is a teacher, she works in early childhood education (I give so much credit to those who do that, I just can’t).  Where she is now is nice, it’s in an older home and the inside is completely redone for the kids.

I’ve been worried about putting her in daycare. While yes, this isn’t really a traditional set up (as Kiddo’s grandmother will be there, which is really the only reason I’m okay with it at this point) and it’s only a few hours a week. I was worried that she may feel the same way I did (granted, I didn’t go to daycare as a kid, I did go to preschool).

When I was in preschool, I didn’t handle it well at all. I cried and was unsure of other kids. While I did meet my best friend there (who is to this day, over 20 years later) I didn’t take it well even with him there. It wasn’t anything against the program itself, it is a nice one still. I just didn’t do well when nobody else I knew (okay, honestly- my family) was around. To this day, I’m a relatively to myself person. I don’t like crowds (not phobic, and can get through them), I don’t like parties normally, either (I’m fun, right?).

All that being said? My daughter is a social butterfly. She will talk to anyone who will listen. If they won’t listen, she shrugs it off and goes to talk to someone else. It’s amazing, and I have no idea where that came from.

She does like playing alone as well, and if she’s around others too much she will just walk away for a bit and play alone, then when she’s ready she’ll go back over and play with the group. It’s really astounding to me.

I have to admit, I love her vocabulary and conversation skills as well.

She will let someone know that she’s taking a break (as she says) and that everything is okay (again, as she says). There’s also this slow hand gesture that goes alone with it, it looks a bit like she’s slowly fanning a fire with her hands.

It’s easy to forget that you are talking to a three (!) year old, and when you are really sitting down and chatting with her at times one would swear they are talking to a 30 year old with a voice issue.

One caveat? She will correct word usage, grammar, and get mad if you use ‘baby voice’.

That part, is the best thing ™.