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Scrabble and Schooling


Things have been nutty of late, while that is far from a complaint I do find myself just not having the time to write (or to be honest the outright desire, aside from actual work). 

I’m hoping that after kiddo’s party (very soon, and I’ll be assuredly having a breakdown over it) things will be a bit more normal. I’m pretty sure that is the last biggie coming up, and I’m really not liking the run around daily to get things done (I’ve become such a hermit lately).

Anyway, I’m financially and otherwise signed up to start classes.  To be honest, I was originally worried that I’d feel really out of place considering I’m a hair older than the normal college aged kids (my age is more the graduate school crowd) but to be honest, I don’t really think it’s an issue where I’m going (not really a standard 4 year). 

While I’m still happy about it, my complaint is pretty much about the set-up that would effect more traditional schools as well.  I have to go to other places to get certified for the various things, and that really annoys me.  Again, it’s not a huge issue and quite understandable but still I’m not looking forward to running around.

By the time I’m done my resume will be looking more like someone threw a bunch of scrabble pieces into the air, or at least button mashed their keyboards, but that is the price to pay.  I mean look at this list (not all are applicable granted, but it gives the idea).  Judging from the course list, the only extras I’m going to have to do is take some Cisco testing, which I’ll need to cram for at some other point in time.  Although, the recommended method (from a cousin in IT, at least) wholly involved dismantling things (routers, namely) which admittedly, is something I can really get behind.

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