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Today’s Forecast? Toddler Drama!


Hard days happen, and this is one of those days.  I’m having  hard time with kiddo and it’s one of those times where I honestly find myself second-guessing every little thing I’ve done and am doing. 

As these moments are wont to do, it came out of nowhere.  Well, okay not ‘nowhere’ but work with me here.  My Aunt visited*, quick.  My Aunt (fish lady, as she has been come to be nicknamed by me) has a way with children, that way of course is buying love and giving into a child’s every little whim. 

Let’s play a super-fun game and guess who most children adore, when they don’t really understand other aspects of someone’s personality**.

Sure, her visit and the ensuing drama isn’t due to her it’s me that okayed it.  This is wholly on me, and I admit this.  But, my fault or now, it’s not making things any better – at all. 

Anyway, she had to leave relatively soon after she came over due to a prior thing.  Naturally this didn’t fly well at all by the wee-one.  Things just fell apart right about there.

Of course, my kid (being, of course my kid) can pitch a fit that is worthy of an Emmy nod.  So, you can imagine how fun that is.  I’ve lucked out that it’s not often she does that, but really- it still sucks when she deems it an appropriate moment. 


*Quick, and she also lives next door to me. It’s fun.. reeeealllly

**By other aspects, really read this post, or this one (plus a few more that I don’t feel like linking at the moment).  It’s par for the course.

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