Thinking Chilly Thoughts

DSC05453Connecticut is lucky in that we get all the seasons (to extremes at times).  It really is fabulous out right now, it’s this incredible green everywhere.  As I live fairly close to the shore, and in a heavily wooded area (no, not the woods, but trees everywhere) I get to see the amazing mixture of blue water, bright green trees, and all those other little things that just are perfect.

Now, my only complaint.  Really it’s the tiniest little problem.  That’s it really.

It’s hot.  Ridiculously so.

I just don’t like the heat, at all.  There is a reason I don’t like Florida* (okay, many reasons I don’t like Florida but that is on the top 20 list, easily).  As I live closer to the beach, there are marshes across the street from me.  They are about >< that close to me, which is great, but when you combine heat, low tide, and marshes it turns into something else.  All things considered, that is  a tiny little problem to have I do know that.

That image is from one of the snowstorms we had during the winter.  One thing I do love is when it starts snowing it is so, so quiet.  It adds to it, and really I love peace, quiet, and calm.  Summer doesn’t have any of those wonderful lulls (well, it does have some awesome thunderstorms). 



*Fun fact: Florida is evil.  Not the people, necessarily.  Just everything.