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These Guys, Oh My These Guys

Excited Retro Guy: Totes how I'm feeling at the momentKiddo has a thing for the Imagination Movers, and oh my- they are a bit on the cute side.  Plus, it’s a bit of a bonus that their music isn’t really Barny-esque (is that a term? Never mind, it is now) so there is a bit of a win.   Anyways so the last few days have been insane and I really (like for realz) need a vacation. 

By which I mean, I’m going to pretend that I’m going somewhere where the Sun is actually shining  (what can I say? I’m picky). It’s been rainy and cold since about Sunday (and my happy-fun weekend kind of sucked as there was a distinct lack of happy). 

This weekend however, I shall hopefully be making amends with that as I need that vacay (and one way or another there shall be fun, oh yes there shall be fun).

But! Hey! I’ve still managed to accomplish a few things and that is indeed something.

Tuesday, I made this:


That would be awesomeness on a plate.  It was so, so tasty and you have a chance to win it (heck yes), although no- not in this post this is just one of those braggy type posts of yummy deliciousness and other nonsense that I tend to write.

I also made this yesterday:


So, so good. It’s roasted onion (and I have a huge thing for onion).  That drippyness is balsamic vinegar which is one of those things I would drink alone, so there may be some serious favoritisms here (or you know, I have issues which is a distinct possibility). 

Aside from my breakdown baking (which only one of the above was, and I can’t find the posts right now that prove that I do have breakdown baking tendencies, so just believe me there), things around here have been… loud.  Kiddo is going through something that apparently makes her a caged animal.  While my own theory is that her emotional age is having trouble expressing her logical abilities (whoo! My child psych classes are coming in handy!), I don’t know how right I am. 

Also! Keep checking in as a super awesome surprise will be forthcoming soon.

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