Do You Ever Need To Just Get Away For a Bit?



At times it’s easy to forget that you are indeed human.  I mean sure, after a bit fixing all those million and one problems and running around getting the million and one little things- it is surprisingly easy to forget that you aren’t actually Super-Mrs-Cleaver-Woman ™. 

Glaring amounts of sarcasm aside, there comes a time when you really, really need to get away.  If you are also one of the many who work at home in addition to chasing after caring for your kiddo – I know your pain.  You need to get away.

I’m not talking about any cruise, an extended vacation, or much more than getting in your car and just going somewhere. 

If you have one, grab your husband if you don’t – grab a friend (more fun, in my own opinion*).  Just do something, it doesn’t have to be clubbing or anther insane throwback from your before kids days.  Just do something relaxing (for you). Sure, it is fun to go out and act like some crazed woman on the verge of a midlife crisis sometimes (or is that just me).

In reality though, it just does a person good to just have fun occasionally. 

So, what do you do to just relieve some stress?


*Then again, I’m also incredibly biased.