The Right Way to Say I’m Sorry


Ronin will *not* accept anything less.This post is inspired by reading too many of those long-winded advice columns (I figure they have a word-count that needs obeying).  To be very honest, I just can’t stop reading them.  I had thought that my addiction to the advice columns was manageable, but I’m finding myself Google-ing Ann Landers so I may need a  program soon.

There is no such word count here*, so with that one in mind I present the proper way to apologize.  I don’t care if you are a guy or girl trying to apologize to your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ spouse/ pet cat/ mom/ dad/ anyone else.  There is a right way to say sorry.

  I used to be this person.  I admit it, and while I’m not proud- I do confess wholly that I was an ‘I’m sorry… but…’ type. 

Oh sure, it sounds vaguely like a for real apology, until the pause and the additional clearing my name type of information.  That’s where I went wrong, and really for those out there who aren’t sure how exactly to properly say I’m sorry here’s a bit of info.

It’s like pulling off a band-aid.  Just say the words: ‘I’m sorry’.

Go on, marvel at the sheer amazement of that.  Really,I’ll wait.  

No pauses, extra words, or flowery speeches.  No explaining (that can come later, if they want to hear it).  Among all, do not laugh as you are saying your I’m sorry.  At all (that is fully frowned upon).





*But, yes I do rant.  A lot.