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Spring Couture (For Baby)

This is a shameless cross post.  I admit it.

Sure, this stuff will be outgrown almost immediately, but that’s not stopping a lot of parents from getting couture collections for their kids.

Below is a look at some of the fabulous (and high-end) goodies for baby and kids.  While the traditional school of thought may be not spending too much on something that is supposed to collect food and spit up (not to mention be grown out of in about a week- if you are lucky), many parents are picking up some rather surprising finds for their little one.

Sandbox Couture:


At about $23 these fabulous bibs aren’t exactly the cheapest on the market- but they are adorable.  They are from Sandbox Couture, and they are far from the only cute things on the website. 

There are quite a few other colors and styles to choose from and they really are cute, there’s no denying that.  The website also has some fantastic dresses and other goodies for your  (very lucky) little one.  Mind you, these are also the cheapest things on this list.


Juicy Diaper Bags:

While admittedly I stopped using the nice diaper bag almost immediately in favor of a huge (if ugly) one.  There would have been a lot more cutting back of the stuff if I had one of these. 

While the more utilitarian diaper bags have their uses, but the sexy numbers from Juicy are easily used for a fabulous bag after the wee one doesn’t need it any more.



Gucci Baby Shoes:

NMZ0ARY_mn While okay, dropping almost $300 dollars for shoes that will be used for about a week isn’t something most would do- Baby Joseph Shoe is still incredibly suave for an infant shoe.

That’s far from all Gucci has been offering for the wee ones they have a pacifier, clothing, and more for the tykes.  While Gucci is far from alone in the high end baby market, their infant collection is both scary and amazing.





Cach Cach Kids:

The Cach Cach line of kids clothing is absolutely adorable.  At an average price of about $45 comparatively it’s not to bad.  For some special holidays or occasions, it may be downright wallet friendly (again, comparatively).

We will be showcasing a lot of (much more down to Earth) finds coming up, and if you have something that you found and adore- write to tips@newhavencreative.com.  Or comment below if you have found some interesting kiddy couture items.

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