Perhaps We Could Sing a Jaunty Tune?

Aside from the normal insane ramblings I thought I may give trying to look on the bright side a whirl.  It won’t go well, but I shall try.

  • Kiddo isn’t waking up by screaming, she’s simply assuring that I get the recommended amount of sleep, and no more. (Save for going to bed fairly late.. that almost works)
  • She’s not screaming upon the uttering of the word ‘No’ she’s just exerting her independence. (Independence takes the form of a child raised by wolves doncha know.)

Hmm. that bright side thing?  Not working so well. 

Kiddo wasn’t really much of a terror, and not still she’s usually not.  Usually.  But there is a perfect storm of sorts that, when it place, will indeed make you think Kiddo was actually raised by wolves.

Normally, she’s quieter and a sweetie.  That is totally not just my mom ‘thing’ happening either. 

Certain things  seem to trigger some kind of… ‘thing’ for lack of a better term.  It’s really not mutually exclusive to no, or really anything other than she’s tired and apparently is lucky enough to be ‘blessed’ with my allergies (I was wondering where they went*).  So basically you just have to break it down to mom math: Tired + Don’t feel good= Bring in the wolves.

I’ll admit, I do know there is about a thousand different things one should do when Dr Jekyll toddler happens, but it really throws me for a loop.  I’m just not used to it, and I really at times get this whole deer in the headlights thing going, and really you know what?

This just sucks. 

I know it will pass, it just needs to pass quicker.

*Now I just need to find my butt and my sanity.  This have been missing for a while as well.