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Oh Hey, So Stuff Happened and Then Some Other Stuff

Not in any way is this related to this post, but it does look cool.

Awesometastic title, right?

I am really constantly amazing at the various dramatics in my family.  Like for real, I’m related to a few people who can invent some incredible gossip out of nothing.  It’s a bit like turning water into wine, but with less water and more wine whine.  Compounding that is the fact that there seems to be some crazy floating around.  It’s really like the perfect storm of drama. 

Also, I’m thinking about getting rid of the cell altogether (yep, it’s an update on that post).  Although, I’ll be still getting one for emergencies I’m considering picking up some portable internet contraption as that really is all I really use my phone for. 

Which leads us to:

Artists rendition (by artist I mean a five second mock up I felt like making)

Ironically, at this moment the only thing that may fit the bill is Satan’s own iPod touch (I really don’t like Apple stuff, at all.  I don’t suppose that’s obvious or anything though).  Unless, of course some wonderful individual knows of something that has full internet,ability to type, and the rest of the same (or similar) abilities (yep, getting the iPod due to that.  I am a geek, and I am sorry).

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