Give a Gift, 2.0 Style With Friendgiftr


I was recently lucky enough to get an interview with the founder of a website that is geared towards gift cards, and gifting though social networking. allows you to send anyone a gift card though one of the many social networks out there.

According to the founder, a man named Rob Carpenter

Friendgiftr was actually inspired by the very early stage virtual goods phenomenon on Facebook. We realized that users were willing to pay $1 or more on fake cupcakes and smiley faces, and thought to ourselves, "why not allow people to send real goods, too?" The idea then grew from this toincorporate multiple social media sites, mobile devices, and other forthcoming innovative shopping channels.

To be honest, I would rather give someone something they could actually use as opposed to some illustration of something I’d like to give them.  Even if you aren’t sure what exactly to get that person, you can grab them a card from a favorite merchant.  The cards available are enough for even the most picky person on your list.

But, even so what if the recipient can’t use the card you got them? Even with over 100 to choose from, some out there really are hard to shop for.  If the gift you are giving isn’t spot on for the recipient, the exchange options are a fabulous solution (which aren’t available if you get them a gift card in a typical brick and mortar store):

We allow the customer to exchange the gift card given to them or split it across multiple merchants free of charge and without the buyer knowing. It’s a really neat solution so that they giver gives what they want and the receiver gets what they want. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Let’s face it happens.  At one point or another it’s likely you completely forgot about that someone who you should more than likely have gotten a gift for.  Going by the statistics, almost everyone has a profile on one social network or another, and even if they don’t- you can still gift them through their mobile phone or email.  Instead of going crazy at the last nano-second could be the solution for you.