Awesome Customer Service Tale (Of Limited Woe)

Sunday I went to the mall, as I need both clothing and I apparently hate myself.  On a good trip I leave there with less money and self-esteem, so suffice it to say, I’m not the biggest fan.

So, back to the trip I had a few gift certificates to a couple of stores I rather like and had to get a dress for something.  I spent a few hours looking at the various things I’m supposed to get to get tarted up, all with a helping of healthy clothing rules debating with a family member who was there to assure I wouldn’t snap help me with Kiddo.

Eventually I found one in Charlotte Russe (that I now also have to return, due to some wonky seam work) along with an incredibly adorable top that I super-love* (that I don’t have to return).

I then skipped on my merry way to Hot Topic (I’ve discussed this, and sorry to all those who have superior fashion sensibilities I do still like that store).  I got through the shopping pretty quick, besides, this dress is fabulous (so that alone made that much easier) and the jacket I grabbed was a good price so hey few points for that.   I paid with a discount card, gift certificate, and the rest on my debit.  Huzzah, I was on my way to meet back up with Kiddo and our family member.

Looking at the receipt on my way to bask in the glow of awesome deals, I quite literally stopped where I was.


They forgot the credit my gift card.  Now, it wasn’t the cashier’s fault.  It really wasn’t, as it was a bit nutty and let’s face it we all make mistakes, so I wasn’t upset at all but I went back to fix the issue.  No problem, they would credit my bank account and I’m go back to what I was doing.

The staff was waiting for me, as they must have realized what happened almost as soon as I had left.  I was seen immediately, and after a bit of a problem figuring out how exactly to fix it (as I am a pain that uses plastic everywhere), she got on the phone to their main employee service (as I doubt that could be considered customer service), and after she explained the problem a bit to them, I was happily on my merry way.

Except that last part totally didn’t happen.

If it did then I just wouldn’t be posting it.

Apparently even a corporate tech/customer/support line is exactly like the clichés out there.  Whomever was on the other end did not get that the manager (?) with the mega awesome pink hair did not want to run it as a return (due to many various issues with that, namely tying up my money in whatever alternate dimension held money actually goes to).

After a good 20 minutes she finally just got an okay to give me the cash value of the card.  She went so far above and beyond that I couldn’t help but love her more (again, need I restate: awesome pink hair).  She was fantastic, and sweet as could be through the entire ordeal.  The fact that she went so far above and beyond just for the $20 and not wanting to tie up my bank funds was amazingly awesome of her.

Now, I’m not one to typically gush about anything but this was all out impressive and I’ll definitely be going back to that store again due to this.  If I could somehow really capture the end of it that I was privy to, I would post more about it.  Let’s just say that this woman needs some medal for patience, as I don’t have that I’m giving internet love out.  As I can’t find the receipt it’s the Hot Topic in the Connecticut Post Mall, and really those employees are awesome.  So I’ve got to say thanks, again.

*My blog, my word rules. (Isn’t that how language on the internet works?)