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Practice Makes Perfect, Right?


Considering I mention it enough, I’m an artist. 

I love to try new things, and practicing makes perfect, right-o…  Now, really the above is one of my newest attempts at a newer (for me) art style.  It’s all sorts of uber-adorable and sure, I love it.  I’m completely digging the simplicity of it, also considering the complicated styles I’m more used to- it should be easier.  One of the first attempts.

Should be.  Should be but really isn’t.  I keep attempting to make it complicated, and that’s what I usually tend to do.  Right now, I’m just trying to go easier- similar to whenever I first started something new.

But, again- practice makes perfect (by the way: dawwwww!).   I know I do need more of a varying style for my work (ironically- my work simply looks too much like ‘my work’), and my theory right now is, considering how much Not Quite Cookie Cutter has help with my writing (considering it’s mostly daily) I’m applying the same theory with my art. 

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