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It’s Official- I’m One of ‘Them’ (OR) I Blog So Therefore, I Eat


In doing a write up- I may have finally realized something. 

I am a professional blogger, sure I do other things- but blogging is the meat of my income.  I am honestly not entirely positive how I feel about that.

Then again, I’m an 80’s-90’s era kid and the words ‘blogging’, ‘blogger’, and ‘blog’* just sound so.. dirty to me.  Never fail when I tell someone I’m a blogger, I whisper that part- It’s just some odd wiring in my mind, as I am aware.  As for some reason that is interesting to people (and can we please pretend it’s full of rock-stars, destroyed hotel rooms, fans, and whatnot).

I suppose it is a pretty sweet gig all in all, I do dig the fact that I get to stay home with kiddo, even during weeks like this one.  So, I promise that this isn’t all horrible (and to be honest, it’s not horrible).

While there is a part of me that does want ‘real work’ it’s more for social reasons as opposed to anything else.  While I’m not entirely sure if one day I will look for more in the way of traditional employment, right now I have to admit- I’m kinda linking the Pro-Blogger thing.. Even if I feel off saying that..

*Yes, those are just variation on the same word.  My writing, my rules.**

**I know, right?  I’m so a rebel.  

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