I Just Can’t Stop

Paper Cupcake Wrapper

Now, it very well be the fact that I’m craving sweets lately like crazy, or something else altogether, I have no real idea.  I just rediscovered my love of foodie photos.  When I was a younger I wanted to be a food photographer, no idea as to why- but I’ve been slowly rediscovering that same desire.


It combines all those little things I like about photography into one thing.  From the super-close up shots, to making things look fabulous no matter what.  For the record, yep I so did make more cupcakes today.  Although, not for the express purpose of taking photos, I swears it.

Dripping Chocolate

While these are all completely unedited (and some of them need some) I love how they came out.  They are however making me a tad hungry though..