How Not To Run a Website


I really though I had finally learned.  I would finally stop screwing with things on my websites and causing pure and unadulterated chaos. 

Silly me, of course I have to do something unrelated to cause a completely arbitrary error.  I gave a lot of excess crap clogging up my server for my other website, and considering I’m planning on using it as a portfolio, that’s not exactly a good thing.

Hark! I had a solution, after all there are a lot of thing on said website I don’t really use- so- I shall delete that excess!  Easy!  Huzzah!

Of course, any long time readers can see a pattern here.  All did not go as intended and one thing lead to another, leading up to the eventually realization- panic attack- ANARCHY! And solution (yeah, all fixes with no database bombing this time).  Which I had *thought was related to the above.  No, and thankfully I did the below first.

Blogger blogs are user friendly (and you know, up too late due to caffeine admin friendly) as Blogger doesn’t let you screw with the things that could have this type of effect.  While I adore both, which is why I use them- wordpress can pose some serious issues that can lead to loss of your website.  In my case, it was the Apache 404 which is basically The  server saying ‘be damned if I know what, but something got borked*’.

I’m not entirely sure what happened, if it was a plug-in or updating- but one of those things bombed the permalink structure.  Resulting in the dreaded Apache 404 page.

The solution was incredibly easy (thankfully) and if you are having the same issue do this:

Login to the admin account –> Under Settings Click ‘Permalink Settings –> Don’t change anything –> Click Save.

Fixed, and you are welcome. 


*Oddly I am aware that I made that up, but still made and attempt at spellchecking it.  Problems- I got them.