Holiday Defense Mechanisms

White-spotted puffer (Arothron hispidus).

Image via Wikipedia

Seemingly, I have a natural defense mechanism.  It’s a bit like that of puffer fish, well save for the fact I don’t balloon out.  No instead I turn red, not blushing- no instead bright red splotches appear (festive right?) on my neck, chest, and stomach*.  

Fun right?  I’m like twitchy, crabby, pissed off ornament.

The reason I mention this tidbit of information about myself?  Well the holidays are a rather stressful time normally for me.  This year I really didn’t want to be the ornament, although sure technically I would totally compliment the decor, I’m not that fashion forward. 

Happily, I mostly succeeded.  So there’s a Christmas Miracle I can get behind.

All went fairly well, no one fought (then again, no one usually does) and only the typical and expected things went to hell.  Even though Kiddo just got her first night of real sleep last night and is still out cold next to me. So, right now (please don’t let me jinx it) all seems fairly okay on the eastern front.


*So, you know- absolutely nothing like  a pufferfish now that I think about it.