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Hard at Work


Truthfully, I though the above was too pretty to not use.  I had made it for an article, unfortunately it just didn’t go with the topic so you get to experience the pretty. Congrats and whatnot *golf clap*.

I’ve been starting to finally refocus of my other website.  I’ve cut out the incredibly amount of junk writing on it, and while I would love to claim there was some kind of time involved, I just can’t. 

I’ve learned a lot about writing and namely- blogging since starting a few years ago.  Which is also one of the reasons for the desire to get rid of a lot of the filler (well, okay I didn’t think it was any of that at the time).  It’s also far better than I would’ve thought for some good old fashioned introspection.  Writing here for the last (almost) two years has made me realize a lot about myself, and really- I’m happy about that.

Even with the holiday all of tomorrow away, I’m trying hard to focus on the new year ahead.  This one was pretty much was a bust for the most part.  While sure, there was some great things that have happened- I can’t wait for it to be behind me.  Too much has happened, regardless of how ready I was for the various transitions, there really is a bigger part of me that just wants that fresh start.

Sure, the turning of the calendar doesn’t really have any real significance for anything, other than the numeric system- it’s hard to not really look at it as a fresh beginning.  A chance to start new things, and move one year further away from the negatives.  *sigh* I’m being a romantic now, aren’t I?

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