Eastern Snowstorms Ahoy! (With Photos)

While you would think that growing up in Connecticut I would be used to the snow by now and there wouldn’t be much excitement.  I love snowstorms, always have always will.

While sure, if you have somewhere to be or something- they suck.  Right now though, I’m giddy over it. 


This picnic table has been my barometer for how much snow since forever.   While it’s far from perfect, as we did get more than it looks (over a foot).


My daughter’s toys.  As you can see, they are pretty much covered.DSC05218

The state truck.  I have to admit, it’s another plus for my area.  The state gets to plowing fabulously quick. 

I am surprised to be honest that we got hit so hard.  As just a mile or so down the street from the last photo is the beach, and due to being so close- getting hit like this is fairly rare.  Most of the time the rest of the state gets it, and we get some small little excuse.

Plus this is the good stuff, not that absolute crap like I posted about not too long ago.