Wal-Mart Rethinking Black Friday


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After the last year, I still find it stunning that so many companies are still essentially keeping with the blasted Black Friday junk.  While some are doing it all month long, others are attempting to keep it somewhat similar.

They are also planning on taking some crowd-control measures. 

While one can understand a company wanting the funds Black Friday usually brings, after all they are a business and that is what business does.

Wal Marts new plan involved opening normally on Thanksgiving and staying open into the next day.  I’m not clear on if the ‘next day’ also brings the Black Friday sales, or it’s during the entire time.

They are hoping that if people are spread out over the entirety of their store, that it will be safer for holiday shoppers and employees alike.

I find it all both disheartening that something like this has to happen, and to be blunt- outright disgusted at some humans.  I mean come on the deals aren’t that amazing.  There’s no real need to stampede.

Edited To add:

Instead lining up outside Walmart, customers can gather in different areas of the store, waiting for the deals to begin, Tovar said.

"If you’ve got a 200,000-square-foot store, people will be dispersed throughout the store instead of lined up outside the store," Tovar said.


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