Oh Hey! *twitch* Life Sized Twilight Characters

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I had a what I thought was a good friend and to protect her, we will call her ‘Ida Dee Isabella Olivia Turner’.  This good friend would latch onto something she liked like there was no tomorrow, and that new thing would usually become her obsession until the next new thing came out. 

That same friend?  Oh yes she loves her some life-sized laser cut outs.  I slept over her house when we were both younger and my dear friend ‘Ida Dee Isabella Olivia Turner’ thought it would be a fantastic way to introduce me to her fandom(s) by surrounding me with those life sized things while I slept.

Let’s just say we are no longer friends.

Now, it’s no surprise but they have a ton of life-sized Twilight characters in the same laser cut out props.  It’s nothing against those things in particular, well okay it is.  Who am I kidding here?  Those things annoy me, and really who would want them*?

It’s more the whole ‘this is why we can’t have nice things’ complex.  You know someone out there is reenacting the movie using them, and they are kinda creepy (the cut-outs, not the sparkly vampires).  It kinda makes me think back to that friend ‘Ida Dee Isabella Olivia Turner’ and brings me to a dark, icky place.

*Me.. I seriously want the Dr. Who and Dalek ones I saw.  So, so bad.  Just try and tell me that David Tennant isn’t the most gorgeous creature to ever walk the earth *sigh*.  Really- Look at him:  *sigh* That grin, those glasses he has in a bunch of pictures, that.. Erm.. Sorry. 

Image Via: LA Times