November Ick

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..and may the snark be with you..

November is both a busy and kinda suck month.  While the good points really are my brother’s birthday, my mom’s, and obviously Thanksgiving  (food holidays are amazing in Italian families),

The real issue is a traumatic incident from before I was born that still saddens my family to this day, and my wedding anniversary.  Both happen to be on the same day too, I’m an accidentally amazingly tactless woman.  

Let’s just say: selfish things do effect others (the family traumatic thing), and people- if you get married find out beforehand that it’s not on the same day as something horrible happening.  Finding out after, well it can kinda put the damper on any festivities. 

I didn’t do that on purpose, I legitimately always had the day horribly screwed up.  Even though I’m not married anymore, the day still gets me annoyed (along with a few others*).


*Okay, a lot of others.  Mother’s Day?  Don’t get me started. 

Unfortunately, I’m not kidding on that one.  Obviously not due to being a mom, but due to an idiot for an ex.  While I have done the whole forgive and forget thing, sadly that doesn’t actually erase memories.

Who me bitter?   

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