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What’s The Matter With Kids Today?


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Depending  on who you are talking to, everything (or nothing).  From too strict parenting, to far too easy going parents. There’s also just as many people saying that they alone have cracked the code to all of children’s ills*. 

Naturally, it’s the media.  It’s also junk food. Don’t forget your hand in it too.  Oh, and the  fact that you cuddle?  Oh yeah, you’d better believe it- it’s cuddles at fault as well.**  At this point you can be doing something wrong by doing it all ‘right’ it’s confusing.   

Step back.  Look at your children. Are they smiling?  Screaming? Whining? Begging for a pony, cookie, motorcycle? 

Are they otherwise fine?  Congrats.

You are doing okay. Truthfully most people aren’t super powered Stepford-esque people who will continue to smile no matter what is happening.   Most children aren’t going to be sunshine and rainbows 24/7 and neither will most parents.  For that incredibly small iota that is, you are lying (or conversely, a family made up of some kind of robot***).

I really think that moms for the most part have this market of ‘perfection’ cornered, although lately dads are catching up.  Women have some kind of biological need to both be perfect, but not too perfect.  Naturally, nothing is.  Nor will it be****.

So, forget perfect.  Or at the very least redefine it and remember: This too shall pass.

*And most of these people aren’t parents.

**Yeah, there are some good points made in the articles linked.  

***In which case, let me welcome you and beg you not to take over our world.

****This is kinda pointless, I just had a thing going.

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