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Please: Make It Stop

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While I would just love to act as if this is some sort of massive update, I just can’t.  At this very moment I’m attempting to hide away (thankfully the short one is fast asleep), thank you very much to the neighbor who just has to re-do his house. 

They. Are. Using. Explosives.

It is far too loud, and sudden.  While okay, this may *not* be entirely fair, I just apparently am not able to deal with this crap.

From too early in the morning, to around 5 (mind you, for around four or five days now) there is a loud horn-esque sound, then: BOOM.

It sucks.   Seeing as I *just so happen* to be one of those people who jumps out of her skin at sudden noises, is anxious, etc: this does not bode well for my sanity.  By the by, yes this is also the reason I’ve been a tad sucky with updating of late.  

Please, just make it stop. 

Got advice?  Help? Anything at this point?


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