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Encouraging Independence (Even When It’s Driving You Nuts)


I have a very independent child.  “I do, I do” is possibly the most popular phrase in my home.  She just wants to do everything, no matter what.  It’s fabulous, except for you know- when it’s not. 

I’ve been great with kids forever, it’s one of the reasons I was a nanny for years.  I’m fabulous with other people’s kids, my own child though?  Color me confused.

While all the studies tell you how to help your child be independent, and why you should encourage it, they never mention what exactly to do when that same great quality is driving you a tad batty at times.

While okay, this is something many parents would love to have as a complaint.  I’m sure I seem especially jerkish/ complainy.  Oh well. 

From making coffee to sweeping, and everything and anything (well, save for her cleaning up her own toys) she wants to go it alone. 

While okay, there have been a few times that there has been a thought of putting her in a suit and have her wait on me a la Jeeves that is obviously something I’m not going to do (although, it would be funny*).

The Waiter MainLeave it to the Hummel people to have that as a statue…  I guess I’m not as alone with that as I thought.. That scares me. 

So, was your child super-independent?  How did you deal?  Post advice, or even funny tales of the super-independent child below in the comments (please?).

* If I think it’s funny, it’s 99% of the time a bad idea.  Yeah, my brain is a dark place.

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