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Really Now, Is This Really A Good Thing?

I’m depressingly sitting in my car in the A&P parking lot at this very nano-second (exciting I know!).  Why you may be asking am I blogging in a car?  Simple.   The motivator is generalized outrage annoyance because I can. 

I swear if I were the people watching type (which admittedly- I am a little) this is where I would go normally (I’m actually waiting for someone to get back, so no I’m not actually being some kind of creep or anything.  Merely attempting to utilize my time somewhat constructively, getting odd looks is a bonus). 

Anyway, on to the rant.

Why oh dear god why do I keep seeing random youn’uns with crap written where normally you wouldn’t want people looking?  I’m talking about five (six at most) year old girl with stuff written across her rear.  Not cool.  It’s actually a bit disturbing that parents seem to want people to check out their daughter’s rear.  Ick.

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