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Creepy, Crazy, and Eeek

Correct me if I am indeed wrong but wouldn’t putting a rather disconcerting image on your product be a reasonably bad idea?  Well, granted that is quite dependent on what exactly that product is.  This one is a wine bottle randomly found (well okay logically found in a wine shop, but still I’m going to call random okay?).  The little girl is a bit hard to see, I think the creepy factor in the image blurred my camera.

Anyway, I got to escape for a bit last night.  I got a few bonus’, the company of a great friend and some fabulous photos.  Huzzah and what not to that.

Of late I’m still far, far to lazy busy to work on the setup for something I’m planning on.  To put it in the most incredibly short way, I need to build a model room.  Everything will be roughly to scale and darn tiny.  Fun!

Today though is shaping up to be outright insane.  Two appointments in one day is not my idea of a good time, one for me and one for Shorty.  Although both are related to me omfg panicking (so, they’re a bit related).  She has a bite that looks like a bulls eye (not in the Lyme disease way, thank whoever*), and admittedly I’m having a bit of an aneurysm over it, however I did just find another with the same exact look and found out that mosquitoes can actually leave the exact bite (never seen that before though, and really momma panic is a powerful beast).

*Incidentally, CT people and the rest of this country seem to react rather differently to the actual deer tick bite. 

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