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Haiku Spam?

Alright, so it’s far from anything even remotely resembling an actual haiku, but admittedly a lot of the spammy emails I get are still special. Almost, poetic (and some in a sad little pithy way too). Let’s take a look into the depths of my inbox (my filters kinda suck).


Perchance the social workers are needed due to some crappy excuses for recruiting? It just doesn’t seem like the best method for finding help by sending out mass emails, then again I quit college after some psych classes so what do I know?

Hmm, maybe that money was wasted after all?


It surprises me how often I get this exact message. It’s clumsy yes, and I’m not entirely sure if I want to vulcanize any kind of sticks.. However, I am taking donations to get a few people I know ‘fixed’ so maybe this one may come in handy. 2

When the heck did msnbc become the go-to source for ‘legally erasing bills’? That is all.


Okay, there’s these and the ‘Your Fat!’ ones that get me. Just, no.


Hmm, I’m not opening this to find out exactly what a Jupiter Jack is. There’s no doubt I’ll live to regret finding that out (never as cool as I imagine). Besides, I can barely keep my thoughts together and walk I’m not planning on being that much of a road hazard any time soon.

Bonus point for any readers who will make up the coolest story about what a Jupiter Jack should be.

Get any funny spam? Share away.

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