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CNN: Study Finds Divorce Sucks

Upon seeing the title of a post by a blogger, I was ready to go off on a conniption fit.  Admittedly, not something I’m normally prone to (well, okay I am but not always), but being me I thankfully read his actual post (cause, you know I need dirt to be snippety about)  and well, I calmed down pretty much instantly. 

He makes good points and he has fairly reasonable logic behind what he’s saying.

Note to self, there’s a lesson in there. 

I followed the link and really now?  Is anyone surprised?

Even if you somehow remain emotionally and financially afloat, divorce does suck.  It took a bit for me to be ‘okay’ with the whole thing (partially due to the way I was raised, even though my family understood my decision and backed me up emotionally).

My ex refused to so much as give an inch with making any progress, and he just wanted to ‘do what he thought was best’ and ‘I need me time’ and a whole other litany of non-reasons for him acting like an idiot. 

So, the non-choices were:

  • Let him wreak havoc for god knows how long (okay, forever).
  • Leave and be happy for myself and our child.

Can’t actually say that it was difficult.

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