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ATT Incurs Wrath of the Internet

ATT_watching_your_internets Heard any good memes lately? They more than likely came from the same place as the lolcats, the rickroll, and a bunch of other internet related (or spawned) humor.

It seems that it’s been confirmed that mega-corp AT&T has blocked website 4chan’s img board. Which in all honesty isn’t the best move in the world, namely in a country where we tend to take this kind of censorship rather seriously. Also, you know incurring the full onslaught of the internet’s attack dogs.

More information can be found at encyclopediadramatica.com

The long and short of it however (quoted from the above link):

Also, contact the National Coalition Against Censorship. http://www.ncac.org/

Digg to raise awareness. http://digg.com/tech_news/AT_T_blocks_4chan/

Basically, cause a stink.

The objective of this little operation is to basically make sure that this precedent is not set. Make it absolutely abundantly clear that this is NOT acceptable to American consumers and this WILL NOT be allowed to happen, or else face financial and political suicide. Acting like an idiot and trying to DDoS them will only end with you being persecuted, and your actions being used as a justification.

While the ban was lifted, the entirety of the website was then down (assumingly AT&T customer specific). It’s up and running at least for me, being on Comcast it’s not like the AT&T block would be happening to me anyway. However, this whole situation sits rather uneasily on a lot of people (including myself).

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