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What Is Better Than Your Own Website?

Well, how about a free one?

A few people have written to me asking about free or cheap hosting for the zazzle templates.

While I had no good recommendations, I realized that I did know of a solution.

Head on over to Nixxd Publishing and lay claim to your very own website.  You have a couple choices as well, you can have yourname.nixxdpublishing.com, or sign up for a free yourname.co.cc name

As with everything else I do, there no catch.  It’s free.  While there are upgrade options available, by no means do you have to use them.

I literally just set this up, so if you do sign up let me know (post a link as a comment here).  I’m hoping to eventually get any of the first people who register some kind of advertisement-free upgrade  (call it a thank you  for your patience with me).  Considering in all technicality you will be a beta tester (don’t worry, the hosting is fully functional I however, may not be).  You don’t have anything at all to lose (again, 100% free).

I set up a website there so you can get the idea.  See it here!

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