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Weekends With Workaholic (Me)

This weekend was pretty good, save for my little workaholic moments it was rather relaxing. Due to me just knowing how fascinated the internet is by my life, I’ll make it brief.

Saturday was absolutely fantastic. Shorty and I went with ‘NaGram’ to the children’s fair, shockingly (and awesomely) Shorty loved the llamas, and the rest of the animals.

It’s the damnedest thing, she calls my mom ‘NaGram’ we’ve all been trying to get her to say Grama but, for some reason she’s been saying it backwards, it’s odd. Everythig else, is phonetically fine save for that one word. Go figure.
Anyway, throughout I managed to make up a bunch of new designs, so there are some new things over at the shop. I’ve also mostly launched the website. Well mostly, I’m still working out a couple of issues. I also want to work on the design a bit more, but hey it’s getting there.
Somehow I even managed to start writing more articles as well. Like, actually good articles. Woot! Those you can see over at paradox9.com.

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