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Now for those following my computer drama from home here’s the recent tally:
  • Best Buy– Sux. Okay, not fair. Their branded product sucks. *
  • Toshiba Satellite S2852-U405D– No sound, no mouse, no usbs
  • Dell Inspiron 1501– No mouse (Seriously, this damned thing is going to out-live me)
  • Power Adapters– FAIL, Just FAIL**
  • Rocketfish AC Adaptor-Evil, had to be replaced (going on the third time). Best Buy Branded.
Now I have Targus (again).
After making a list much similar I’ve realized- Screw it. I’m getting a damned net book (I was on the fence).
*and the fact they did that ‘oh she’s a chick’ thing to me. That’s worse. Lady bits do not get in the way of my geek, or coding, or my tech knowledge.***
**See what I did there, I pulled out my net speak.
***Seriously, no web designer needs that much damned space for coding. I’m not dropping $2,000 on that kind of BS so your commission check will be larger. Hence why the nice guy got the commission (in truth, do they even get commission? The way the guy pimped out the laptop pretty much convinced me, so I could be wrong.) and, yes I did pull out more asterisks.
I’m in the market for a new computer, nothing huge or fancy. It must be expandable, both in memory and drives (not an issue, normally).

USBs too, how could I use these without?

Add into all that a Net book that doesn’t cost more than the gross-per-capita-net worth of a small country.
None of this really narrows anything down. That’s not really an issue, I’ve been leaning towards a rather nice Asus for a bit. This one is pretty much it. I’ve been looking at the The Asus Eee PC, and the brand in general and I’m not going to be surprised if they become ‘the name’ for net books.
Granted, more than likely it’s not going to be that exact one. I do like it however, it’s insanely small but it’s simply what I need. When looking at pricing for the general type of gizmo of what I need I was considering a PDA/ Smart phone to buy but, a net book is more up my alley for the price.

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