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In Which I Complain (And Recycle This Title Again)

Yesterday I spent far too long on something that was stubbornly refusing to do my bidding, and in the end it didn’t amount to a hill of beans due to me having to just ‘reset’ everything in the end. So that indeed was not fun, like at all. So, today after coding myself into oblivion yesterday my fingers don’t really want to obey my brain.

Right now my fingers feel as if they clumsily stumbling over themselves, so I’m not fully into this writing thing at the moment. (Honesty, I gots it.) Yet, the show must go on, so for you dear readers I shall brave through this.

Moving along then.

Thinking type thoughts have pilfered their way into my brain now, so I am well aware of the eighteen billion things I have to get done. Not fun, not really fun at all.

I’m starting up a freebie promotional type deal so if you would like a shop or a blog promoted (free of course) just check out this post while yes it does say explicitly Zazzle, I’ll happily help anyone get some more attention.

Eh, work’s not going to go away due to avoiding it (or will it?) so I’m off to code some more…

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