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I Am A Horrible Mom

Understandably, I’m sure that title may be surprising. 

It isn’t that I don’t love my daughter, it’s that apparently according to some sources I’m grievously, and uncaringly  putting her in abject danger.

What are my crimes against not just my own child but the children of the parents I know, and I talk to?  What are these horrible crimes that I’ve committed that prove so fabulously that I don’t deserve my child? 

My sin is, I’m pro vaccinations.  I’ve spoken to the mom-friends I have with my knowledge, and I promote vaccinations.  I also happily tear apart crap like “Chicken Pox Can’t Kill You (TM)” that the anti-vaccination types say*. 

I know, I’m awful aren’t I.

Apparently also, I should be planning a chicken pox party for my daughter.  You know, just because I was one step away from dying from the pox, I should totally be exposing her to it!

Oh what’s that you can’t die from it?  Small comfort to parent’s who’s kid’s did die from it, whooping cough, and a bunch of other preventable diseases huh?  What about my Grandfather, who was ‘lucky’ enough to get it and have it be a contributing factor to his death? 

Get us some awards, ‘cause he sure has me fooled and we both had the hospitals fooled.

Oh, well then I guess my almost dead at five years old self was faking huh?    Pretending  almost-dead I guess?  Will someone get me a Golden Globe then, cause I really knocked that out of the ballpark at five years old.  I even had the hospital staff fooled!  Woot!

Well then may the Pox parties  continue.   

Those things above most are what pisses me right the hell off.  Knowingly exposing your child to that kind of illness is a shitty thing to do.  I was exposed to it at my school, none of that ‘Pox Party’ bull.  Crap like the below quote makes me sick to my stomach.

I’ve gone on record with Juice Box Jungle and weighed in how I feel about Vaccines and Chicken Pox parties. I want my kids to get chicken pox the good old fashioned way and not from a vaccine that doesn’t work, hasn’t been tested, and contains toxic questionable ingredients.

She then goes on to talk about the fantastic crap that is a pox party.  I want to scream.


This vaccine is one that is being given for convenience sake.

Bull.  And more!

Oops – but the shot doesn’t always work as planned.  In some vaccinated children they end of developing a mild case of chicken pox from the shot alone.

Okay, first off she wants to expose her child to the full brunt of the illness, but is complaining that the vaccination can cause a mild case.  Sure, makes sense.  I’d rather the mild case than the full on hell that it can be.  Sure millions have gotten it, and gotten better. 

Some, well aren’t so lucky.

I want to throw up after her closing:

So, given the choice of my children receiving the vaccination or gaining immunity the natural way. I’d much rather they got chicken pox the good old fashioned way. If anyone knows of chicken pox parties taking place on the Jersey Shore, drop me a line!

All quotes from: http://www.bonbongazette.com

I was praying the person who wrote that was being sarcastic, unfortunately she’s not.  To this day, well over 20 years later, my life is still effected by some left over issues from the Chicken Pox. 

So, I’ll continue to keep my kid healthy.  Somehow proving I am a crappy mom, just to keep her healthier than I was  (the vaccine wasn’t around when I was a kid).  My kiddo however, is fully up to date with all her shots.  Especially including the PoxVax ™.

*The public nutters, Jenney and her ilk.  Scaring the crap out of parents to promote their wacked out crap.

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