Congratulations! You Win The Internet Postcard

Congratulations You Win The Internet Postcard postcard
Congratulations You Win The Internet! Postcard

I’m about five seconds away from grabbing a few of these for a kid I know.

Really, he was the inspiration behind them so it seems a bit fitting to get him a few.

The full rainbow of sarcasm maybe?

Then again, you may know that kid too.  That one who is just too super-fanatastically-awesome that the internet can handle contain their sheer amount of crazy ‘skills’.

Maybe your internet winner is the one who thinks having a ton Facebook-Myspace-Add-Another-Here friends translates into some kind of real life friend thing.  (Yet, they’re still drinking alone aren’t they?)

Or maybe they happen to be that person who delights in  pwnage of any and all n00bs *sigh*.

Mine?  Well, there’s two.  One who writes so much blasted text talk they speak it too.  The other?  Well, a combination of the above, a real ‘internet winner’.

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