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Tech Support Hotline: Mrs. Cleaver Speaking

This is one of those ranty/ ravy posts of mine.  

You know the one’s that just kinda degenerate into some random humor attempt? 
Yeah, one of those.

You have been warned.

I’m a fixer, I love making things work.  Obviously not much of a confession there, but it’s how my brain operates, it’s the reason computers are my ‘thing’.  
Free computer repairs are another thing of mine, if I like you I’ll more than likely fi
x your computer for free.  
Naturally, that also depends on the parts required.  Considering the cheapest repair place will still practically expect your first born, spending dough on parts alone is still a hell of a deal here.
However, there’s limits to my generosity.  Most people understand that fully, and aren’t expecting utmost insanity.  
They simply appreciate my expertise and willingness to help out,  yet never fail- almost a guarantee, when I do help someone out- there’s the other type right around the corner.  
*Cue Dramatic Music* 

The mooches the ones who will expect me to spend a ton of my cash, out of pocket.  
Or worse, give them a piece of my computer to get theirs working.   Or some piece of hardware that I have, that they now want.  Which, naturally they expect me to just give them.  
Now I’m not “sectionist” or whatever you would call not liking people from the next town over. But seriously now, they’re all from the next town over.  
NOTE: I am well aware how much of ‘hick’ that makes me sound like- I just don’t care. 
It’s like a full on concentration of mindless jackass.  Someone needs to start up a Resident Evil: Douche Apocalypse franchise stat.  
That pic? Yeah, every other person from said town looks like that.  The other half is indeed normal, it seems to only spread into the young’uns (and the old ones who want to be young’uns).
They sell out of spray-tan the second it hits the shelves. This folks, is where the hive mind mooch thrives.  Beware.  
I’d love to say the ring leader is my ex husband, but alas I don’t think he’s capable of leading this group.  He’s a mere follower of the douche overloards.  
He is however the one responsible for annoying me to the point with moochiness to post this up.

Sidenote: Hey look at that, some of those lines were a bit funny.  
Not as ranty ravy as I was afraid of either.


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