Silly, It’s Emulating When Fame Does It

They say that copying someone or the look of said someone is the best form of flattery (well, it can also be intensely creepy, when say it’s Jack-O.  Although, trivia piece, an ex boyfriend of mine kinda rocked the Jackson hair, with Tom Cruise’s height.. It was odd..). 

Well, Cristina (or is it still Xtina, or whatever that silly thing with the X where the first part of her name should be thing) is Emulating Nico and Warhol.  Yep, cantcha tell?
First up Nico:

Then Of course this is Warhol himself (with Jimmy Carter):
Gah, moving on.

Fame Tarts fascinate me, you know the ‘why-are-they-famous’ types the one’s famous for being famous ones.  They get me, the amazing self-importance gets me.  Though, I won’t name names, I think we all know the type.
Perhaps I’m bored tonight, or I’m still coming down (yeah, all damn day) over the serious omfg from earlier.  Who knows, I just am trying to immerse myself in some everyday, no-one-really-gets-hurt old fashioned snark.
Got any snark or annoyances to share?  Go ahead in the comments.
This is one of those moments, it’s good to share.


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