Dating and The Single Mom

Going from this, standards weren't my 'thing'

I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury.-Groucho Marx

Granted, a few of my own ego wounds are still a tad fresh to thing so much about even dating at the moment, I’m sure it will go away soon enough.  Still, until then I’ve realized that dating is just far, far too much work.

With my looming divorce right around the corner, I am thinking about it though.

Then again, I don’t like dealing with schedules and all that jazz either.  My enjoyment comes from my friends, and my family.   
While yes, it’s nice to just be held by a person you are with the rest of the dating scene is nothing I’ve ever liked.  Then again while I’m not personally looking I see a few friends that are, and seriosuly here who has time for that kind of drama anyway?  
Eh, where does one meet someone anyway anymore?  Bars? Coffee shops?


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