Wanted: A few good (or bad) mommas

Wanted: A few good (or bad) mommas.
I’m looking for a few moms who also write or draw/ paint/ whatev
Your mission if you choose to accept it:  Submit a few article when you feel like it.  Around 200 words (more or less, I don’t really care) about parenting, life, thoughts, or whatever else you want.  Don’t limit yourself to mommahood if you don’t want to.
Why: I’m starting up a woman oriented website.  I need writers and all that great stuff.  
What you get: Other than massive ekudos for being seriously awesome, you get the following:
Link love: back to your site (or whatever else you have that you want promoted).  An author/ artist page listing, my unending love and adoration, and attention.
If you are interested, get in touch with me at admin(@)notquitecookiecutter.com or comment here.  Topic ideas, sections, whatever else is appreciated too.


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