That is below my paygrade

So I have finally learned, do not under any circumstances EVER edit the html in the header area for blogger templates. Don’t do it.  It messes up all the images. No idea why.  Meh, how many times have I done this already?  Have I learned anything? Of course not.

No matter.  Fixed now.
This weekend was suck, in the worse ways.  From Friday to now it’s been horrible.  I have a family member who I am very close to insanely sick and they are refusing to release them at the moment.  Ironically, it’s their fault that my family member is sick.  
Now, I don’t fault nurses but how do the doctors who are painfully inept not ‘get it’.  I’d love to know this.  It’s apparently ‘not their‘ job to treat an illness caused by (with their own admission) them, which may kill my family member.  They frikken caused it! 
They aren’t ‘allowing’ her to take the meds she needs, something that can be found over the counter mind you, because the doc keeps ‘forgetting’ to ‘put it in the chart’.  
All the while my family member is dying.  
She will hopefully out soon (if they can stop dragging their feet, otherwise she’ll just up and leave), she needs to be home where she can actually be taken care of.
On top of that mess, my ex seems like this is the absolute perfect time to annoy the living hell out of me.  Granted, I got a weekend free from him, but now he must call for no other (apperent) reason than to argue.  Fun.


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