Tattoos, Design, And Kids

Tattoos, Design, And Kids

Hello, This being the most popular (and altogether quite unreadable entry) subscribe if you’d like or check out some of my other posts .  I swear those are easier to read than this trainwreck.

I want a tattoo, yes I want to get inked.

Like yesterday. Hell, I even know the design, I have it drawn.  It’s awesome- simply awesome.  No, seriously take my word on it.  The one to the right isn’t it, that just looks simply awesome.

The problem?  I’m nursing shorty still.
I know the recommendations to wait, so I am.  I’m just getting a tad impatient, I admit.
I’ve wanted this one design for years, and that actually taking my mom’s advice:  “Hold on to one idea for two years, and if you still like it it’s fine” (roughly paraphrasing here)
Granted, I’m sure she didn’t expect me to keep the same idea for that long, hell I can’t even keep my furniture where it is for two weeks, but hey- such is art.  I get.. shall we say ‘inspiration’ (bored) and design makes me happy so it’s usually my go-to boredom killer, I’ve calmed it down since kiddo came about, but I still find my little projects (and yes, obsessive website re-design is one of the things that have taken it’s place).
Then again all this is also coming from the momma who is more than likely dying her hair purple  after her divorce is final (yes, I’m serious).  Eh, I don’t really party (never did) but I do miss my super colorful hair… *sigh*

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