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Talking to Kids about Domestic Violence Using Nick’s Award Show

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There has been a lot of conjecture and a lot more sarcasm related to the Nickelodeon’s decision to keep (alleged?) girlfriend assaulter Chris Brown in the Kid’s Choice Awards. The network is saying that he was there before he was arrested, so he stays.

Some parents however don’t agree. I’ve found a lot of rhetorical questions asked about the whole mess and I’ll be taking the liberty of writing the answers here.

Are they doing this to make a point?

No, just money. They are getting attention beyond normal for this, so naturally they will be making more money off this. They might indeed be doing this to give kids the choice, but doubtful.

Are they doing this to open up the forum for parent’s to talk to their kid’s about domestic violence?

What if he wins? How would that be a serious conversation about domestic violence?

Honey, remember don’t beat up other people.

But Chris Brown did it, and he won!

Or if he loses is that going to be due to his arrest? That just seems all sorts of not right.

Admittedly I’m about as interested in any awards shows the same amount I’m interested in a colonoscopy (not at all). No matter how you spin this however, it’s not right. It’s a seriously messed up situation no matter how the network and publicists try to spin it.


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