Stress and Court Dates

Well, I’m breaking the thematic thing with cake I’ve had (yes, finally).  

I’ve been bleh lately, due to various stressy type things going on at the moment.  Hey, that’s life though, right?  My first court date (for the divorce) is right around the corner, and although I know already how it’s going to go I’m still nervous, I hate surprises and regardless of what I know or whatever I’m still worried the ex will pull some sort of stunt.  
Although, knowing him the stunt will just be failing to show up like he’s supposed to.  
I’d be very surprised f he does show up.  
Granted, I don’t think it would make an actual difference either way (except dragging it out more) but I just want it all done and over with like yesterday.
I just want to get back to normal life.  Whatever that is…


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