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Mr and Mrs VS Ms Vs Miss

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Being a girl is like so totally awesome. Like seriously man.

Save for the part where danger lurks (lurks dammit!) around every single corner. After all, deep down no matter what we say we are nothing more than pretty flowers that need to be protected, or something.  We need our gentile feelings and sweet (heh) nature protected, at all costs by a man.

I’m not sure really what I’m supposed to think of this, other than it’s just a tad… insulting… but good… but still something.

Women have roughly ten thousand ‘proper’ ways to address them.   All abbreviations of the same main title: Mistress. The ‘proper title abbreviation’ denotes the marriage status of the woman.

In turn, this could give her more or less value.  Granted, regardless of what you are calling said theoretical woman, it moreso depends on context and tone of voice.

I find the general consensus of people on this story out of the UK fascinating. Well, not the story itself as much as the general male reaction to it. This mind you, is nothing against the guys, what they are doing is pretty nifty-o (sorry, making up words) they are trying to be white knights in a modern world, defending the honor of oh so many women. In our modern world, it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Yeah that whole last paragraph- I’m totally talking outta my rear.

Just go read it all.


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