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Glen Beck: The Voice of the (Conservative) People

30beck01-600Photo: Nicholas Roberts for The New York Times

The nations newest conservative voice, Glen Beck?  The Fox host’s views are a light at the end of a tunnel for some conservatives as of late, with many of them feeling left off the Obama Bandwagon,  they are finding their home more and more with Beck’s  views.

Beck has been questioning enough many ‘conspiracies’ of the Obama administration to make any conspiracy theorist proud. 

 Fox News’s Mad, Apocalyptic, Tearful Rising Star, a New York Times piece on Beck, illustrates nicely some of his more rampant conspiracy-minded tirades. Most of which had originally appeared during the Bush Administration, and has been widely discussed on conspiracy-oriented websites such as Above Top Secret.

He’s taken to likening himself to none other than the main character of Network: Howard Beale, Beck even having

Howard Beale (Peter Finch) delivering his
Beale Delivering the now famous lines.

 his own version of “I’m mad as hell” –  “You are not alone”.  Alhtough, one can appreciate the nod to the wonderful and even perhaps the thought behind such rantings, one much also wonder- How much of this does Beck truly believe?

Where was Beck when America was being systematically destroyed?  Where were his enactments of famous movie characters when our debt and eventually bail-out was taking place?  Where was Beck when torture was happening?

Or, in all reality, is Beck just trying to be ‘wacky for ratings”?  After seeing the success Keith Olbermann had during the Bush administration and simply, and merely recreating the character in his own way?

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