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Body Politic: The Abstinence-Only Failure

Body Politic: The Abstinence-Only Failure

Lack of sexual education in favor of abstinence-only programs don’t work.  Abstinence-only programs do nothing.

I am horrified at the newest statistics available for rates of abortions, and teen pregnancy.  The highest areas effected?  The hotspots are suggested by the data to be the same places where abstinence-only is preached as the only way.
The lowest areas are mostly those who teach prevention and protection.  That’s trending 101 right there.  
I cannot understand for the life of me how any group that professes to be so against abortions can also teach this bunk, every piece of data proves it doesn’t work.  In fact, it has the opposite effect.  It increases both pregnancy rates and abortion rates. 
Please, correct me if I am wrong but wouldn’t groups who are such ‘advocates for life’ understand the huge wrench being thrown into the machinery here?  Wouldn’t they want to prevent the ‘at-risk’ (I hate that phrase) women and ‘unborn’ (hate that one too) by teaching preventative measures?
My views are no huge secret, I hate abortion.  I think it’s a horrible thing, that many don’t go about deciding upon lightly.  This abstinence-only crap does nothing to prevent it.  Nothing.
 The Bush administration managed to undo the successful measures and programs done by the Clinton administration.  Under Clinton we had amazingly low rates of both teen pregnancy and abortion, under Bush?  It skyrocketed.  
Why?  Again, abstinence-only religious teachings.  Teaching that both sex and prevention are wrong.  There are still politicians teaching that condoms cause HIV and AIDS on billboards in, of all places- Africa.  
It’s sickening and in that last instance, equatable to murder.


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