Ok, Much Easier Than Expected

Heh, that was actually a ton easier than I had thought it would be.  I need to change the header image, but this one can stay (I’m hungry right now).

A ton of thanks to BTemplates  for being all sorts of awesome. I seriously, like for the life of me, get the non-php coding of the blogger templates. Then again, it’s not like you know I actually gone all out and tried or anything, but still.
Hmm, anyone feel like joining a contest for my header image?  I love the cake and all, it’s just not exactly fitting… 
If you want to join, just save the present header image to your computer.  
Link here with the finished result.
If I use it, I’ll post up some links and tell everyone how much I love you (and you totally get to see your work used here!)….


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