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More Cake! Hello Kitty Cake Pops?

More Cake! Hello Kitty Cake Pops?

This is far too much cute for lesser mortals: Hello Kitty Cake Lollipops(Cakepops?).  Kiddo is obsessed with cats, so I’ve been leaning towards something like this for her birthday.  I do want to make them first to make sure I (at the very least kinda) know what I’m doing beforehand.

I’ve been wanting to play decorate with fondant for a while now anyway, so this is a great excuse.

Before I discovered the Hello Kitty cake pops, I thought about baking some muffins, covering them with white fondant, then with a black frosting pen, drawing on a cat face. Then I thought about adding triangle-shaped jelly sweets for ears and liquorish strands for whiskers. On reflection, this does seem quite tricky, so if anyone has any cake ideas, feel free to pause your MSN chat or game of FoxyBingo and post your advice on the comments thread below. I would love to hear from you!

Although, these are far too cute!  I don’t know if I could eat them…  Eh, strike that I would in a heartbeat- who the heck am I kidding?
Hmm… Anyone got any tips for using fondant?  Or do you have some kind of super cute confection of your own?  Send it in (email at admin(@)notquitecookiecutter.com )  I want to start a collection of them!  Well, online and here, but yeah…

2 thoughts on “More Cake! Hello Kitty Cake Pops?”

  • So, I just re-went there and my code geek is just begging me to say- I love Bakerella’s site design.

    Seriously, I’m all kinds of motivated to redo mine now.

    Which, yes I’ve been saying for how long now?

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